May 19th, 2005


Job Interview. Also, some random thoughts on the news.

I've got a job interview Monday to be assistant manager at Blockbuster. It's full-time, I get health insurance, and they pay me -- and unlike any job I'm actually trained for, I think I have a decent chance of getting it.
And you know what? It doesn't really matter much what my job is. What matters is that I go home at the end of the day, and write something before I go to sleep. I don't want to be a copy editor the rest of my life -- it's just the one day job I'd actually enjoy. It would still be secondary to writing, and, honestly, my odds of breaking in and making a living as a writer are about the same no matter what job I take -- virtually nil.

And now, some other short thoughts: Vegetarianism is a form of chauvinism; its fundamental assumption is that a life is more valuable because it's more like a human (mammals are worth more than fish, which are worth more than bugs (how many vegetarians, even vegans, use bug spray?), which are worth more than plants).
Congress is considering relaxing the restrictions on producing stem cells through human cloning for research purposes. This is a Good Thing. Even if you believe in souls, blastocytes demonstrably don't have them; and a LOT of research needs to be done to establish the viability of cloned stem cells as treatments (there's enormous potential, but two serious problems: strong evidence that cloned tissues may age faster than normal, and a statistically significant number of cases in which stem cell implants only work temporarily, and no one knows way).
Since I know someone's going to ask, here's how you demonstrate that blastocytes (embryos less than about two weeks past conception) don't have souls: a single blastocyte can still develop into a pair of identical twins. Identical twins don't share a soul; therefore, the soul enters the body after the latest date at which twins can form. For the record, all embryonic stem cells must be taken during the blastocyte phase to be useful. Believe it or not, this argument worked on arch-conservative Sen. Orrin Hatch - see his book "Square Peg" (sorry, livejournal doesn't seem to like Amazon's five-billion-character URLs).
Congress is considering a measure that would severely restrict women in combat, requiring separate Congressional approval for each woman on front-line duty. This is very bad news, as the first woman president is going to have to be a Republican war hero. This law passes, and the only hope will be a woman getting vice president, and the president dying.

It still amuses me that livejournal's spellcheck doesn't recognize the word "livejournal".
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