May 24th, 2005


Thoughts on Today's News

Well, it looks like the filibuster may survive a little longer. Once again, McCain earns his "bat-shit crazy, but worthy of respect" rating. On a side note, I explained the entire filibuster issue, trying to be fairly balanced about it, and she had a great response: "Isn't that trying to change the rules in the middle of the game?" And I still find it hilarious that the Republicans are trying to sacrifice republicanism in the name of democracy, and the Democrats are trying to stop them.

On the "bat-shit crazy" theme, the guy in charge of EPA activities in the Southwest is just that. The NY Times reported this morning that he issued an order stating that the ONLY genetic information regarding an endangered species which may be used in determining how to protect is the data submitted when it was added to the list. So species that have been on there since the 70s are basically screwed -- any advances in understanding their species diversity and population mechanics since BEFORE THE PRINTED CIRCUIT are to be ignored. How anyone can possibly see this as anything other than a blatant attempt to weaken environmental protections is beyond me.

This wasn't in the news much today, but the school boards in Kansas are also crazy. No surprise there. The fact that somebody out there takes "intelligent design" seriously is proof that Lovecraft was right: if the universe was designed, it was by a blind, mad, idiot god.

I imagine slashdot must be going crazy over the NY Time's prediction that bloggers are going to destroy the Chinese Communist Party. Which leads me to the realization that the slashdot-types are the revival of the hippie movement: just substitute "information" for "love" and "processing" for "flower". No wonder I hate them so much.

(More spellcheck hilarity: livejournal doesn't recognize "bloggers.")
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