June 7th, 2005


Toys for Bob = Cool

So, last weekend being Memorial Day, Tristan, Cyrus and I were hanging out. At some point, Tristan mentioned that Star Control II (Best. Game. Ever.) would work really well on the Nintendo DS. We talked about it, and came up with several ways the freaky DS features would enhance SC2's freaky control scheme.

On a lark, I decided to e-mail Toys for Bob (the company that made SC2, now an Activision subsidiary run by the SC2 team in an arrangement similar to the MonolithSoft-Namco deal; be warned, their website is horrible) about the idea. Their producer, Alex Ness, e-mailed me back yesterday.

I expected, of course, "Thank you for your interest in Toys for Bob. Here is our announced release schedule. Have some ads. I am a machine." Instead, I got an obviously human-written letter, and it was extremely clear that not only did he read my e-mail, but he liked the idea. He said that everybody at Toys for Bob wanted to do an SC2 port (or, better yet, sequel) but needed to convince someone that it would be worth backing. He ended by saying that he would bring up the DS idea next time they discussed expansion.

So if, in a year or two, you see that they announce Star Control DS, you know who to thank.
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