June 13th, 2005


I Got a Job!

So, on Friday I get a call from a temp agency called Aquent. They're short on proofreader/editors, especially the latter half, and they found me on Monster. I interview this morning, they give me a test, and then give me all the employment forms to sign before it's even graded. At home, I learn they left a message on my cell phone while I was on the Metro: I'm hired, and an assignment came in right after I left. I find out what it is tomorrow.

Yesterday I realized for the first time that there are minors at Guantanamo Bay. So here we are, supposedly innocent until proven guilty, but suspected (read: most probably are innocent) terrorists are treated worse than Death Row inmates. Yeah, that's bad enough. But some of them are teenagers? I can just see the Bush crew saying, "Don't just violate international and American law. Do it with style."