June 21st, 2005


Assorted Randomness

Got my first assignment through Aquent. Working for Discovery Education, which is part of the same company as Discovery Channel, for an indefinite period not to exceed a year. Seems like a pretty cool job, though the hours are incredibly depressing: 9 to 5.

Saw Howl's Moving Castle the other day. It was very good. Had a sort of dream-like quality to it: it was pretty, sleepy (even in the bits with explosions or wizard duels), somewhat incoherent, but I found it just didn't matter that it made no sense. And Turnip and Heen are just awesome.

Went to see Umberto Eco speak about his new book today. His accent was impenetrable when he was reading from prepared notes, and even worse when he read passages, but the latter half of the talk, when he was answering questions, was much easier to understand. He's a very cool guy: "I write for masochists" being the best of his statements. Plus, even though the first half was incomprehensible, his accent was great, so I enjoyed it anyway.

All in all, today was a very good day, and I am in a very good mood. Now I sleep.
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