June 22nd, 2005


First Day of Work

First day at Discovery Education. The breakdown:

Up at 6 a.m.
Caught a bus at 7:15. A series of buses and trains ensue.
There at 8:45. Blarg.
Begin learning the system. I am instructed to change my password. The computer informs me that I don't have access to do so. The first of many calls to IT ensues.
Later, my predecessor arrives; she's staying on the remainder of the week to train me. She directs me to the company portal; IE causes the computer to announce it is unable to read some memory addresses. Another call to IT. They fiddle with my computer remotely, which is always creepy, and then send someone out.
The computer works fine logged in as my predecessor. We ship packages.
Guy fixes the computer -- turns out it was spyware causing the problem. For some bizarre reason, the computer had Zone Alarm, but not Ad-Aware.
Lunch. I can eat at my desk; this is good. I hate taking breaks. Plus, I don't get paid for lunch -- I have to stay later if I want my full 8 hours.
Someone e-mails me 17 video descriptions to proofread. FINALLY! Actual work. Except... I'm supposed to copy them onto the server when I'm done, and I'm being denied access. Yet another call to IT. They tell me that I need written permission from my supervisor. She e-mails them. They tell her that she's not authorized to give me permission; only the guy in the next office is, because he's listed as "owning" the server. He gives me permission.
While I wait for this to go through, I proofread the descriptions and store them manually. They are very detailed, breaking down the videos (all math) into lessons and activities, and listing curriculum concepts , quiz questions, and descriptions for each activity. Nobody follows the instructions for metadata keywords (for searches when these go on the web site). NOBODY. Also, I learn that "problem solving" is copy-writer for "I do not know what this segment teaches." I correct these and other problems. Finally, I'm having fun.
About 15 minutes before quitting time, I hear from IT. I have server access! Too bad it's the wrong server.Quit at 5, home around 7-ish. I have an hour to eat, and then two hours of EVERYTHING ELSE, and then I go to sleep.

Wash, rinse, repeat. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little less IT, a little more actual work. Judgment on job pending actually getting to do it.
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