June 30th, 2005


Boredy bored bored boreditty bored

It's been so long since I copy-edited (more than a year!) that I'd forgotten just how much WAITING was involved. I enjoy my job when I get to do it, but there are these long stretches of nothing some days that are really boring. This was a slow week -- last week I did 25 EDLs in the three days I worked... in the 4 days so far this week I've done only 17. It doesn't help that I've been getting steadily faster at the EDLs, so those 17 took less than half as long as the original 25.

I also really ought to be incredibly tired, because I stayed up WAY too late last night (almost 1:30, and I got up at 6:45!), but oddly I don't feel tired. I'm having the usual tiredness-generated queasiness and tendency to reflux, but none of the headache or actual fatigue. It's weird.

As for why I stayed up? Kind of complicated. See, a couple of weeks ago Miranda sent me a Washington Post article about a dating web site for geeks (and so we begin our descent into pathetic-land). In a moment of fortuitous weakness, I posted a profile. Last night, I stayed up chatting way too late with a quite interesting girl over Trillian -- which, in another moment of weakness, I installed. Yes, I am aware of past statements, which may or may not have been made by someone using my name, who looked exactly like me, and talked exactly like me, to the effect that only losers need online dating/personals ads, and that instant messaging is of the devil. Doing this over again reminds me of being 15... which is NOT a pleasant thought. Everything about getting older has been an improvement, thus far.

But I can't help it -- all my interests are solitary pursuits, which makes meeting people very difficult. Work surrounds me with people, but while they're nice enough, they're very normal. I can fake my way along with normal people, but I'm not generally happy surrounded by them. And it is different this time. I am going in with the goal of shifting any online relationship/friendship that develops into realtime as fast as possible, because I'm really not that interested in another relationship with text.

Plus, now that I have a job, at least for a while, I have too much money and my life is insufficiently complicated. A girlfriend would nicely solve both these problems at once.

[Spellcheck: Livejournal doesn't recognize "online." And I mistyped earlier, once again producing the infamous Liverjournal.]
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