July 2nd, 2005


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Last night was the third night IN A ROW I stayed up way too late talking to phantasmamorgan. I have a new rule of thumb: anyone you can talk to for 11 hours in one 3-day period is pretty cool. I've noticed that, of the people I've encountered through Geek2Geek, I'm at my most interesting when talking to her. Odd.

So, I've finally figured out how to turn West New South Oldtown into a novel. I'm going to start working on it as soon as I've sent off "The Fourth Purpose" somewhere for publication. My new approach basically turns it into a magical realist, incredibly twisted version of "Harriet the Spy." Trust me, it'll be better than it sounds.

I was bored at work yesterday, so I wrote down every different dragon I could think of (including Seiryuu, Smaug, Quetzalcoatl, Tiamat, and many others) and then trying to classify them taxonomically. It's turning out very interesting, but a larger project than I expected, because I've found dragons have to be their own class -- they do NOT fit in with reptiles, dinosaurs, birds, etc. My biggest surprise thus far is that the Avioi are members of Class Draco. I still expected them to be lizards, but I was looking at the arboreal, insectivorous and fructivorous mini-dragons, and realized "And then in the Pleistocene, some were driven out of the trees, and had to build burrows to protect themselves from the elements. They evolved into the now-extinct Avioi troglodytes, which spread to Europe; then, in the Ice Age, the European branch evolved into Avioi sentiens."

I'm still working on this, having to look up Latin words, etc. My favorites thus far (I've only really done Eastern dragons and Quetzalcoatl) are Tetradactylus seiryuu for the Japanese Common Dragon, and Aeroserpentis quetzalcoatlus, the Feathered Serpentine Dragon. I like the Aeroserpentis genus in general; so far as I know, nobody's played with animals that never touch the ground in their adult lives before. Not on Earth, anyway. I'm still working on finding the Latin for "bearded"; "beard" is barda, but Pentadactylus barda just doesn't sound right.

Of course, classifying them requires figuring out which evolved from which, and therefore what mechanisms they use for flight, fire-breathing, etc. I've already decided that Draconis germanicus (Fafnir, Smaug, Glaurung -- the most common type in literature, really, though I'm probably going to divide it into a couple of subspecies (aurus and negrus, at least) and Avioi sentiens are the only sentient dragons.
Anyway, I'm probably going to post all this up on my actual web site when I'm done. If anyone's interested, I'll slap up a link here.
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