July 7th, 2005


All Browsers Suck and Other News

Well, I've decided that, from now on, I'm just going to use livejournal for autobiographical stuff, since its editor and spellcheck suck and nobody takes it seriously, anyway. I'll use somewhere else for political and philosophical crap from now on.

All browsers suck. I spend YEARS slowly husbanding Netscape 6.2 until it is perfectly, flawlessly, 100% stable, and now, for the last month, all the websites I go to have been using some kind of newfangled, improved HTML it doesn't understand. So, for example, on blogger I can't update using Netscape, but I can't view it in IE -- so I have to update in IE (the use of which is roughly equivalent to sandpapering your own teeth), then switch to Netscape to view it, then BACK to IE to make changes... and thanks to the endless browser turf wars, my computer gets all funky if both are running at the same time.

So, it's probably about time to get a new browser, which means, of course, 10,001 features I don't give a crap about, with more being crammed in all the time without regard to the fact that this bloated, hideous monstrosity of a program barely runs to begin with -- and crashes every ten minutes. Fun fun fun. I already know that neither IE nor Netscape is a good idea in modern browsers, but none of the others seem to, you know, work reliably. Any suggestions? I'm running Windows ME on a crapheap P3-800 with a DSL connection that more or less works, generally. Anyone who suggests changing computers or operating systems will be summarily shots on grounds of being useless and stupid -- if I could change them, I would.

[Ultimate in livejournal spellcheck hilarity: "spellcheck"]
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