July 12th, 2005


Blarg I am dead

You know it's bad when I start quoting Fighter.

Let's start at the beginning: It's too hot. WAY too hot. "Tristan is comfortable" hot. This has reduced me to a quivering mass of jelly -- and not tasty jelly, either. No, it is to a quivering mass of sweat-and-melted-flesh-flavored jelly that I have been reduced.

So, of course, it's swamp day at work -- the random cycles of too much/too little to do have decided to drop no fewer than 25 fresh new EDLs in my lap. Plus 8 EDLs I've already done, but which, through no fault of my own, are screwed up and must be redone. Once I got into the swing of things, it was less than a minute per redo, but still annoying and disruptive. You can tell I'm really not a techie, by the way, from the fact that I actually feel better that I was fixing other people's errors rather than my own. Plus I've got a DVD waiting to be screened in the next two days, which manages to be both easy and interesting (an impressive feat), but is very time-consuming, PLUS I just got sent some new info to insert into an EDL I'm preparing for one of my cubicle-mates. All on a day when I'd rather be curled up into fetal position, imagining the thermometer and weeping.

Oh, and I'm officially caffeine-dependent again. I started getting really tired around 2:30, and around 4:30 I realized that it's because, every day since I started this job, I've had a somewhere between 12 and 3. And today is DEFINITELY not the day to try to wean myself. Maybe Thursday. Stupid high tendency to addictive behavior...

On an unrelated note, certain people, who to protect their identities will be referred to as Dhris and Darol, have promised to read-and-review my revision of "The Fourth Purpose." They have yet to do so.
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