July 15th, 2005



You're walking along, and you see three men. One is about to rip a book in half, one is about to break a kitten's neck, and one is about to torch your house (the book and baby do not appear to be yours). You only have time to stop one. Which one?

Personally, I go for the guy about to rip the book in half, instinctively. If I stop and think, though, I probably go for the guy torching my house.

There's no real point to the above, except that I like books much more than I do anything living. This may help to explain why I spent lunch wandering a used bookstore, buying a whole bunch of books I wasn't aware of wanting prior to entry. I have acquired:

Dinosaur in a Haystack and The Panda's Thumb by Stephen Jay Gould (I was looking for Wonderful Life)
The Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan
The Hero With a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell

Plus, a coworker has loaned me a book of Daniel Pinkwater's collected essays.

Plus, I'm still reading Investigations.

What was I thinking?
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Terror+Righteous Fury=....

So, I hate Verizon. This is a rather unastonishing statement; Verizon is a blot upon the universe, the one company that really DESERVES to have the voice of Darth Vader as its spokesman, "The Black and Stony Heart of Communication." Anyway, we use them for our ISP, and there's this program. I think it's supposed to check for updates to the connection software, but what it actually does is produce error messages with great efficiency. Unfortunately, it INSISTS on running when you boot up the computer, and there appears to be no way to remove it without permanently losing the ability to connect to the Internet. So, you boot up the computer, and you're connected to the Internet. After a random interval of 30 seconds to about 10 minutes, it starts up, then produces an error message. Annoying, but not critical.

Except... a couple of weeks ago, I broke down and got Trillian. And Trillian has this slight... problem... with sharing. It's fine once it's fully loaded and connected, but while you're connecting, it MUST be the active window, or it freezes. And the stupid Verizon program, WITHOUT FAIL, always decides to pop up its little error window while Trillian is loading.

So that's the righteous fury. Now for the stark terror...

I worked late tonight, and missed my usual bus, so I had to get back on the train and go to another stop to catch the other bus, which was late. All of this added up to me being on the bus at 8 p.m. When, precisely on the hour, a little chime rang out and a recorded voice (pleasant, male but nonthreatening, in mellifluous tones) said, "Please report all unattended packages and suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities. Remember, safety is everyone's responsibility."

My brain, of course, immediately added "And remember, a year's exemption from taxes to anyone providing information leading to the arrest of a nonperson." Seriously, the government reminding people to snoop on each other and turn one another in? I mean, I know the Bush administration is all about the 80s retro thing, but is 1984 really the best year to pick?
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