July 21st, 2005


Today Is a Day That Will Live in Suckage

Problem 1: Three-hour mandatory meeting about stuff I don't care about.

Problem 2: They gave us mandatory pizza before and had us play a mandatory game after, to make it "fun." They need to re-read "Tom Sawyer": Nothing mandatory is fun.

Problem 3: It was in a high school auditorium.

Mandatory assembly+enforced "fun"+high school environs+being ignored (both when pamphlets were being handed out and when I tried to ask a question)=FLASHBACK TIME!

So for about the last hour of the meeting I was in roughly the same mental state as when I was 18.

...And for some reason now I'm having trouble getting back to work. Gee, I wonder why.

Just to make things more fun, yesterday I stayed late and DIDN'T FINISH. So I *started* today behind. Add a 3-hour meeting and my inability to concentrate now and guess who gets to stay late again? Not to mention that the meeting included a lot about sales strategy and that kind of thing, all of which, as far as I'm concerned, is something like sausage -- I'm much better off not knowing how it's done.

Apparently, we're all supposed to have as our goal getting every school in America to use our product. That terrifies me.

Hurry up, great minds! We need a bloody improvement on capitalism YESTERDAY, people!
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