July 25th, 2005


Fun Weekends Make Me Sick

Okay, just this one, apparently. I had a really fun weekend, and then today I felt like crap, so I called in sick to work. Unfortunately, I did so rather late, and they're pissed about it. In further news on my health problems, I noticed yesterday that I can feel my left thyroid as a hard lump. That side of my neck feels really stiff and slightly painful today, too. My right thyroid is undetectable. I have *no* idea what this means.

On to the fun weekend in question. Cyrus and Tristan stayed over for the weekend, and we did much roleplaying. Very, very silly roleplaying. Our BESM campaign gets steadily more ridiculous... I had *great* fun with my character's newest power, Froborr's Irritating Touch (touch range, transmute any mundane item to another mundane item of the same type). I turned the Emperor's throne into a wicker chair because he annoyed me. At another point a guard tried to grab onto my staff, which I was flying on, so I reached back and transmuted his uniform into a floor-length evening gown. He fell off. (Note that this only works on MUNDANE items; for those not familiar with BESM, mundane items are those pretty much anybody in the setting has and you don't spend character points on, so any kind of equipment and most tools are exempt.) Meanwhile, Tristan discovered, much to our dismay, that BESM has no rules for swarm-on-swarm combat. And the cook apparently has an "Animate Food" spell.

Our other BESM campaign was less interesting. Tristan's Elven biologist had fun, though, since I began introducing the Monster Towns this weekend. They went to the Marlboro town and the Illithid town.
Last night, just before Tristan left, the two of us had a mildly amusing idea. As we elaborated on it, we realized that it could actually make a really fun card game. Tentatively called "Cliche!" or "Plot Twist!", here's the basic idea:

You have several kinds of cards: Genres, which are global, Characters, Goals, and Plot Coupons (all of which are player-specific), and Plot Twists (which are instants). The idea is to get the right combination of Plot Coupons to match your goal; Characters get various bonuses and penalties based on Genre (each character has a Best Genre, where they get a bonus, and a Worst Genre, where they get a penalty), and Genre probably also constrains what other cards can be played (though changing Genre doesn't cause the cards already out to disappear). Some samples:

Genres: Space Opera, Cyberpunk, Generic Fantasy, Romantic Comedy, Giant Monster, Horror
Characters: The Klutzy Guy, The 80-Foot Firebreathing Snail, The Thing From Beyond, The Magical Girl
Goals: Buy Butter, Find True Love, Just Kill It, Apotheosis, Destroy Tokyo
Plot Coupons: Milk, Love, The Secret Documents, The Sword
Plot Twists: It Was All a Dream (discard genre and all Plot Coupons), It Was a Simulation (change genre to cyberpunk), Master of Disguise (replace one character with another from your hand), Robotic Duplicate (steal a character), Evil Twin (copy a character), The Legendary _____ (does something to one item of your choice)

I love this idea, because you could have the Magical Girl in a Romantic Comedy setting trying to Buy Butter. But then it turns out she was actually the Thing From Beyond in disguise! Meanwhile, the Robotic Duplicate of the 80-Foot Firebreathing Snail seeks True Love! And finds it with the Klutzy Guy, who has the Legendary Milk!

Plot Twist! The game where you make pulp.

Coming soon...

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