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Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
1:31p - Random Thoughts
Feeling rather better; well enough to go to work, anyway. I ended up sleeping roughly 18 hours yesterday, all told, in two 8-hour and one 3-hour chunk. Watched the movies Garden State and 21 Grams, both of which are decent, but neither of which is spectacular. Forgot to put them out in the mailbox this morning, though.

I really like the science programs I've been editing lately. They're designed for early elementary school, and clearly view teaching facts as secondary to teaching things like proper experimental design, repeatability, and the scientific method. Don't get me wrong, they teach a lot of basic scientific information (this is first and second grade, so we're talking things like "Plants need water and sunlight"), but they seem designed more to get students interested in science and inculcate them with the scientific attitude and approach. This seems to me like a Good Idea -- knowing the equation for gravity does most people very little good (though they certainly ought to learn it by the time they leave high school anyway), but putting fact before prejudice, examining information both critically and open-mindedly, are useful skills for everyone, and best learned early on.

That said, the series also included the most hilarious instruction I've heard in a while: "Avoid unnecessary redundancies."

Yeesh. I've been here only half the day, and I've already done 16 EDLs. However, I'm only halfway through yesterday's batch. Gah.

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