July 27th, 2005


Urge to Destroy Sun Rising...

Ugh... just walked half an hour round-trip to get lunch. It was horrible.

For those of you who do not have the distinct pleasure of living in Hell, it's 105 degrees today. Plus high humidity and air quality in the red. It's one of those days that I refuse to believe happen anywhere else on Earth (with the possible exception of New York and L.A., which share with D.C. "armpit of the universe" status), when you can feel the air corroding your skin, and the sun beats down on you like a fist, and you can feel every inch of the miles of greasy, hot, smoky air sitting on top of your shoulders.

You know that Twilight Zone episode where the world is falling into the sun, and it's incredibly hot? And then she wakes up, and realizes it was all a dream -- the world is actually falling away from the sun, and everyone's freezing to death? Yeah. I keep hoping I'll wake up...

And since I know already what you're going to say, Tristan, let me spare you the trouble: Shut up.

This message brought to you by Irritability, Global Warming, and the number 3.
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