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Friday, July 29th, 2005
10:52a - Wanted:
WinAmp and Chantico.

1) Windows Media Player is a piece of crap. It just *sucks*. Especially its clunky, counterintuitive, unmanageable Playlist system. Of what I'd call the Big Three mp3 playing software (Media Player, iTunes, and WinAmp), it is far and away the worst -- it doesn't play anywhere near as many file types as WinAmp, and it has the clunky and awful Media Library as the *only* way to construct playlists. I just want to pick files and drop them in! I don't want to muck around with metadata! iTunes is arguably the best at constructing playlists, since it allows *both* the browsing and the metadata approaches, but it has this *incredibly* stupid habit of copying everything you put in its library to the hard drive. Stupid IT not letting me have WinAmp...

2) I have not gotten more than six hours of sleep any night this week. Night before last, I got four hours, and last night, I got none. And the Starbucks I pass on the way to work is out of Chantico. For this, they shall pay dearly in an as yet unspecified manner.

I've been reading El Goonish Shive lately. I'm not sure if I like it or not, but it had a GREAT poster in the background of one panel, in a high school hallway:


For the record, the strip linked above is one of the worst in what I've read so far, but the poster MORE than makes up for it. I want one.

current mood: tired

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