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Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
2:35p - Mini-Update
Forgot my umbrella this morning, so there's a sort of internal war going on: am I hungry enough to overcome the fact that I'm going to get soaked en route to food that doesn't suck? Alternatively, am I willing to go to the crappy deli-like substance in my building?

It would help if I could tell whether or not it's raining, but I'm on the eighth floor, and the nearest horizontal surface is the roof of the garage 5 floors down. My windows are covered in little droplets, and I can't see through them well enough to determine if it's just wet, or actively raining. I can't be the only wage slave who has this problem. There ought to be a website for this -- isitraining.com or something.

My boss just came up and I asked her. She offered to loan me the umbrella she keeps in her desk, so I'm off for food.

current mood: hungry

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