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Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
12:39p - Last Harry Potter-Related Post for a While
So, here it is. My vision of how it'll all end. It's not, of course, how it's really going to end -- what I have here really isn't Rowlings' style -- but until Year 7 comes out, this is how it'll end in my head. I haven't made any effort to emulate Rowlings' style of narration, but I have tried a little to make the dialogue sound more or less like the characters do in the books. This is rather unpolished -- I wrote it on the bus, typed it up, and that's it for editing and revising -- but I really think that, as it's a fanfiction, that's all the attention I'm willing to give it. Also, the Dumbledore quote ("something that can think and move for itself," etc.) is not quite correct. Unfortunately, I'm at work, so I can't check the right quote. What I have keeps the sense, anyway.

Spoilers, of course, for the entire series, and possibly (though I doubt it) for Year 7.

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