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Friday, August 26th, 2005
4:10p - Words I Hate
Have you ever noticed how some words no longer mean anything? Like "premium". When McDonalds can use the phrase "premium chicken strips" for elongated McNuggets, you know the word is worthless.

The last couple of days, I've been particularly annoyed by abuse of the term "unique". If an object is unique, that means there is only one of it -- it possesses fundamental characteristics that clearly distinguish it from all related objects. It is a binary state: the phrase "rather unique" is meaningless. It also implies that the object in question is distinct -- the phrase "The rain forest is a unique ecosystem" is deeply troubling, because there exist more than one rain forest, each of which is significantly different from the others. Not being unitary, "the rain forest" cannot be unique.

On an entirely unrelated note, my brother insists that he will have my laptop done this weekend. I'm not holding my breath.

current mood: annoyed

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