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Monday, August 29th, 2005
11:51a - Random Notes
A coworker just uttered a phrase that is only slightly more bizarre out of context than in: "It makes my uterus twitch."

And I think I just made a terrible mistake, committing me to spend the entire day watching TV. This is exactly what I got a job to prevent...

I did not get my laptop over the weekend. However, my brother DID work on it. I know he got far enough to ask me what my computer should be called (all the computers he works on get vaguely Megaman X-ish names based on the case color, so I picked "Pearl Gorilla" off his list; sadly, my case was not colored properly for my first suggestion, "Charcoal Wombat", to be applicable), and what my log-in name should be.

I've figured out why I can't sleep on Sunday nights -- I'm aware that, as soon as I go to sleep, my next moment of consciousness will be going to work. On some level, I think I'm staying up to maximize the number of moments of consciousness before work.

I wish somebody would figure out a way to do away with sleep entirely. Tristan (I think it was Tristan) told me about an ingenious experiment once, that managed to separate effects of sleeplessness from effects of the drugs/shocks/what have you keeping the rats awake, and found that after about a month of sleeplessness, the rats just fell over, dead, mechanism unknown. I know sleep is pleasant when you're sleepy -- but if you didn't need sleep, you'd never be sleeping, and you'd have an extra eight hours a day playtime!

I bring this up because I got an hour of sleep last night. I stayed up reading about Japanese history -- got as far as the end of Heian period.

current mood: tired

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3:42p - Been roughly five years since I did one of these...
Quote of the Indefinite Time Period:

"Cliches are the lubricant in the engine of plot."
-Robert, Triangle and Robert #1820

Funnily enough, T&R was the origin of my last QotITP, though I no longer remember the specific comic (it was in the first year):

"Universe-flavored. What you mortals call... butterscotch."

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