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Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
11:11a - QotITP
Wow, that was a short ITP. The quote, again from Triangle and Robert (I'm almost caught up on the archives now -- somewhere in early summer 2005): "All waffles are magical waffles."

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3:24p - I play video games!
It's been freakin' long enough... This weekend I decided to play FFX, doing something Tristan first proposed with FF7: Break the characters. The goal is to give each character a skill-set completely inappropriate to his personality (think Rikku the Black Mage and you're on the right track). Still too early in the game to do that much of it, but I've managed to break Kimahri. Now he knows Cheer.

Kimahri: Kimahri follow path of Tidus, Kimarhi's hero.

On another note, living in the FFX world would be great, because you have the ultimate excuse for everything: Sin's toxin.

Breaking and entering:
Guard: Halt! Who are you?
Tidus: Toxin.
Guard: Oh, you poor kid. Here, have a sandwich and go on in.

Relationship problems:
Yuna: You want me to WHAT with Rikku?
Tidus: Sorry, babe, that was the toxin talking.
Yuna: Oh, I'm so sorry. Can I get you a beer?

Financial trouble:
Auditor: You wrote off your weight in taffy as a medical expense?
Tidus: I got too close to Sin. You know, the toxin?
Auditor: Oh my. We should include the party balloons, then, too.

Also, someone at a banquet told me they weren't going to eat it anyway, and gave me an ether. This confirms my "turkey baster" theory of why ethers are sold in FF6 after 1000 years without magic: they're apparently yummy.

And a slight modification of an actual scene (this is funnier if you've seen the scene):

Yuna: Don't worry. I can fly.
Party: No, you fool, that's the toxin!

Great googly-moogly, the voice acting sucks. Then again, pretty much all English-language voice acting sucks. Japanese voice acting may suck too, but the advantage of not knowing Japanese is that it's impossible to tell what words are being emphasized or how they're departing from standard speech patterns, so it's impossible to judge the voice acting's quality beyond the basics of timbre and tone.

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