September 1st, 2005



I take back what I said. I could never write Triangle and Robert. I come to this conclusion by reading Patrick O'Shaughnessy's other project, One Million Blank Pages. The bit on Merinha is particularly good, but too long to excerpt. Here's another excerpt:

* PAGE 16,203


Six blind men enter a room which contains a wall, a spear, a snake, a tree,
a fan, and a rope. It is unclear what these objects are doing there, but they
were not necessarily placed by an elephant.


* PAGE 176,882

"I just backspaced over a line explaining that I don't do stream of consciousness
because I love the backspace key too much. That's way too recursive and diaryish
to belong here, and yet I don't want to remove it because it's a mildly
interesting sentence, so I'll try working it into something larger."

The girl stared at the paragraph as though it had been written by
someone else. Her finger hovered over the backspace key. She was sure the
paragraph would have to go. It was too whimsical, too self-referential. It had
no business being. And yet, to delete it would just be to continue the cycle.
It wasn't much of a cycle, just a bit of text appearing, disappearing, and being
replaced, but it was enough of a cycle to be painful, to remind her of the real
one which she was writing to forget.

A decade later, she stared at the paragraph again. This time, it truly had been
written by someone else, someone who perceived everyday problems as eternal
torments and who could be brought to tears by a small block of text. She admitted
to herself that she missed being that girl.

** PAGES 176,883-999,998 ARE CURRENTLY BLANK

* PAGE 999,999

I'm just leaving a note here to remind myself not to write in order.

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