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Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
10:06a - Apartment Hunting and FFX Wrongness
Skip this paragraph and the next one if you're not interested in the Wrongest Li'l FFX Game Ever. I am saved immediately inside the last dungeon, where I'm going to level a little before tackling the optional dungeon that killed me before. I've gotten all the summons, and Yuna's, Auron's, and Rikku's Ultimate Weapons, on the grounds that there are no minigames required for Yuna's or Auron's, and Rikku's is one of the less obnoxious minigames (and, anyway, Gillionaire+Bribe+Customize=No Losing). While I was complaining about the Rikku minigame, Cyrus said, "Minigames are the icing on the cake of roleplaying." I countered, "Minigames are the mustard on the cake of roleplaying."

Anyway, I continue breaking the characters. Kimahri, as I previously reported, is being transformed into a Tidus clone. Tidus, Auron, Wakka, and Rikku finished their normal paths before I could do anything really broken to them; Tidus is now heading through Auron's path en route to Wakka's, Auron is following Rikku's path (Chemist/Thief/Dodgy Freak -- sadly, I realized that isn't as broken as I thought, as another term for Fighter/Chemist/Thief is Ninja), Rikku is learning Black Magic, and Wakka is learning White Magic backwards -- he started with Holy, and has now learned Regen and is headed for Curaga. Yuna's a couple of levels away from Holy, at which point I have *no* idea what to do with her, and Lulu's got a good ways to go to get Flare (I sidetracked her for Doublecast), and then going to head into Kimahri country to get Ultima. (Why the fruitilicious does Kimarhi start next to Ultima, but blocked from it by locks you won't break until 30 hours in? That's just evil.) After that, I have no idea.

On a completely unrelated note, Mason screwed Cyrus out of a room, so he's been staying with me the last week-and-a-bit while he goes to class and hunts for a place. We're considering rooming together again: we enjoyed rooming together at Mason, and the rents around here are ridiculous. Yesterday we went out looking at various places -- a room for just him in Fairfax, and a number of places in Falls Church for the two of us (Falls Church is the best compromise we can find between distance from Mason for him and proximity to Metro for me). However, it seems our best bet is probably to just share my Mom's basement -- Miranda's offered to let us have the entire basement for 50% more than I'm paying for my room, which works out, after we've divided it into two, to more room for less money for me, and far and away the cheapest possible living conditions for Cyrus. That's a tough offer to turn down.

People keep bugging me about taking up driving again. It happens pretty much every time I mention that I spend 3+ hours a day commuting. For their convenience, I have created the following list of What Would Be Required for Me to Drive:

1) Self-driving hybrid ethanol-fueled cars
2) Free insurance
3) Free fuel
4) The total breakdown of all public transit

Get me those, and I'll consider getting a car.

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