September 10th, 2005


Final Report: FFX Wrongness

Beat the game last night. Final bosses were ridiculous-easy. Especially the fact that you CANNOT DIE against the last two forms -- speaking of which, does *anybody* have *any* idea why you get permanent auto-life against the last two bosses? Either why the game designers had that incredibly stupid idea, or what the plot reason is? Because it mystifies me.

Anyway... highest-damage characters in my party were Tidus (pretty much guaranteed 4-nines per physical attack), Yuna (~10500 per physical attack), Rikku (~7000 per physical attack), and Lulu (Doublecast Ultima, plus a VERY happy Stonestrike/Deathstrike/1 MP Cost weapon I made -- only about 300 damage, but instant kill on most normal enemies). FFX's Ultima is just about the dumbest-looking one yet. It gives the green sparklies from FF7, the ones that don't look at all damaging, a serious run for their money. I miss Meteo.

Tidus mastered his own path, most of Auron's and most of Wakka's. Auron mastered his own path and Rikku's. Wakka mastered his own path and most of Yuna's. Lulu mastered her own path, and Kimahri's, and was just getting started on Yuna's. Yuna mastered her path, Tidus', and part of Wakka's. Kimahri mastered his own "path" and most of Tidus'. Rikku mastered her own path, Lulu's, and much of Auron's.

In other words, the character classes:

Tidus: Fighter/Status-Inducing Fighter
Auron: Chemist/Thief/Fighter (Ninja?)
Wakka: Status-Inducing Fighter/White Mage
Lulu: Black Mage/Whatever Kimahri's Supposed to Be/Some White Magic
Yuna: White Mage/Fighter/Some Status-Fighter
Kimahri: Fighter
Rikku: Thief/Chemist/Black Mage/Fighter (Ninja)

And so, Auron finally mastered the ancient ninja arts of bishoujo-do, the Way of the Pretty Girl.

Wakka went on to become the first of the Paladins of Tropical Canada, eh?

Yuna mugs people, then heals them. She keeps their stuff.

Rikku continued to wander the sphere grid, becoming the world's first Thief/Chemist/Black Mage/Fighter/Cyberneticist/Rain Forest Researcher/Pony-Riding/Magical Fairy Princess/Astronaut/Ballerina. She is an inspiration to 6-year-olds everywhere.
Tidus, and his apprentice, Kimahri, went on to discover entire new dimensions of suck.

Lulu got hit by a confuse spell and wiped out the entire village of Besaid. Again. (Stupid Marlboros! Argh!)