September 23rd, 2005


Sleeplessness and Slayers Yumminess

I've had insomnia all week; I went to bed at 11 last night, and got to sleep after 3 a.m. Keep in mind that I get up at 6:45. I've had six hours of sleep in the last three days; I called in sick to work on Wednesday and managed to get a whole 6 hours by sleeping until noon. I feel plenty tired, but not the least bit sleepy, and my bed has suddenly mysteriously become incredibly uncomfortable -- the bed itself feels too soft, while the pillows feel like rocks. Accompanying this is the most incredible tightness in my shoulders and neck, stiffness that stops just short of being an actual cramp.

I've decided to start exercising in the hope that that will help me sleep better: DDR, push-ups, and sit-ups was the plan, but I discovered yesterday that I can no longer do a sit-up. There was a time when I could do 35 in a minute. Admittedly, that was 15 years ago, but still.

Picked up Slayers books 4 and 5. I highly recommend the novels, they're a yummy chunk of Slayers goodness. Complete fluff, but fun. I admit, the fact that Lina is the narrator is a little off-putting (heroic fantasy as seen through the eyes of a snarky teenage girl?), but the overall effect is something like reading her blog. Hajime Kanzaka -- or is it Lina? -- has rather a distinctive voice, and it comes loud and clear even through a translation.

It's got some similarities to the TV series (the first volume, in particular, is almost identical to the first 10 episodes), but also a lot of differences (for example, meeting Sylphiel before Amelia, Zangulus apparently doesn't exist, and so on). Most interesting are the changes to the major characters... Zelgadis and Amelia are pretty much the same, but Lina's violence has been toned down A LOT (she actually tries to keep collateral damage to a minimum!), Gourry's stupidity has been tempered somewhat with a sort of instinctive tactical sense, and Xellos is... well, it's hard to describe exactly how he's changed. If you've seen the series, you know how his personality shifted between Next and Try? Now imagine him going even further in that direction. That, I have to admit, was a little upsetting.

But such yumminess! With Lina narrating, we get little asides like "This is how I invented the Giga Slave..." and her wonderful little descriptions of the other characters. Plus the freakiness factor is definitely up a notch from the series, which tended to shy away from the really bizarre fun with chimeras Kanzaka seems to enjoy.

Of course, at 8 bucks a pop, the series is going to end up costing me $160, but I figure that's amortized over the next couple of years, so it should be fine.

Unfortunately, my Slayers fanboyishness has been rekindled. I feel the most vile of urges tugging at my soul... the desire to make... fanfiction. *shudders* Either a fictionalization of the Slayers D20 campaign I ran last year (however, that requires getting in touch with John and Paulo, neither of which I've heard from in quite a while), or a story idea that came to me around the time that campaign started, involving the children of the Slayers characters having adventures a couple of years later.

That last is Cyrus' fault. He picked up Xenogears: Perfect Works at the same time I got the Slayers D20 book (actually, if I recall correctly, he gave it to me on the condition I run a campaign with it), and we started speculating on the nature of XG Episode 6, concluding it would be Xenobabies, the adventures of Midori, Maria, Dan, and Chu-Chu in a post-apocalyptic nightmare world. A chibi post-apocalyptic nightmare world. This naturally led me to imagine what kind of children the standard Slayers pair-ups would produce.

I have D20 stats for them. I'm a sick man.