October 9th, 2005


I got my laptop! And all browsers STILL suck.

1) Laptop acquired. It is exceedingly sweet.
2) Discovered Netscape 8 today. Switching between IE and Firefox engines at will sounded very cool. Downloaded the browser, customized all the toolbars, everything's great, until... Messenger is gone. No longer exists. Which means I'm stuck using Outlook, or continuing with that bizarre 1000 message limit. But it gets better: you can't turn off tabbed browsing. Period. Ever. I uninstalled it as quickly as I could. I *hate* tabs. You can't Alt-Tab between them! They're exactly like having multiple windows open, only inferior in every way!

Next test: burning. This tests both the DVD burner and the printer, so it's a good thing to try. Plus, the faster I send back these DVDs, the faster I get to send them back to Netflix, and the faster I get Firefly.

Speaking of which, I propose a new slang term: Netflick, v.: To receive from Netflix or similar service, burn a copy of, and return. "I will netflick all of Firefly."
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