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Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
6:53p - State of the Jed + Firefly and Phoenix Wright
Stayed home from work today. I just felt too tired to go. This has happened roughly once every two weeks since I started. I think I need to sign up for work-from-home; I think I could work just fine on days like today, it's just the commute I couldn't handle.

Oh well. Had Firefly Disc 3 and Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney to keep me company.

Firefly Spoilers through Disc Three hereCollapse )

Phoenix Wright is pretty fun, though I don't like the way it strong-arms you into things. Effectively, it's a dating sim engine with a lawyer thing slapped on top. Dark secret time: I love lawyer shows. Perry Mason and Matlock reruns when I was a kid, and Law and Order now... great stuff. Phoenix Wright is very much in the Perry Mason tradition: you're really more of a detective than a lawyer, talking to witnesses and investigating crime scenes preparatory to trying to trick The Real Killer into contradicting themselves or the facts on the stand. Of course that's the only defense strategy available -- your clients are ALWAYS innocent and the real killer ALWAYS slips up. Anyway, I'm enjoying it, but there's a couple of spots in the second case (which is as far as I've gotten; I think there are five) where the game prevents you from bringing up certain things until another character points it out, or where you have to give up so you can be dramatically rescued. As Cyrus put it, "It's not so much a lawyer sim as a lawyer TV show sim."

Cyrus bought Trauma Center and Shadow of the Colossus (the latter, I suspect, because I've been hogging the DS since buying Phoenix Wright). I haven't seen much of Shadow, but it appears to be missing everything that made Ico unique and interesting. It may well have unique and interesting features of its own; I haven't seen enough to judge that yet. What I can say is that the animation is nowhere near as good as Ico, but Cyrus sounds like he's having a lot of fun during the boss battles (I can hear him in the next room shouting at the game, which he normally only does at peak involvement).

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