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Monday, October 24th, 2005
3:47p - Pica pica
Food cravings are weird. This morning, I caught a whiff of something in the convenience store where I buy my daily pretzels (they make a great breakfast substitute), and developed a sudden, intense, lasting craving for apples. I therefore ate two Granny Smiths for lunch. This is very odd, since I rarely have any interest in fruit.

Now I really, really want a steak. Pan-seared almost black on the outside, red and dripping on the inside.

I also feel a bit dizzy and my sinuses are jammed with goo. This is unsurprising; November looms near. I'm allergic to November.

Why does that one track from End of Eva, the one I've dubbed "10 Billion Shocking Cells" after Asuka's line while it's playing, always remind me of the CHON movie?

current mood: pica

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