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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
1:49p - Updateriffic Updaticality -- Now with Updates!
So, the phones at work are dead. Can't make calls in or out. IT is working frantically figuring out what's wrong. Then my fellow cubecow (what else do you have in a cube farm?) thought of calling the phone number in the error message. Her discovery: our bill hasn't been paid in two months, so the phone company cut us off. And nobody in this gigantic, billion-dollar corporation noticed.

On an unrelated note, any of you iTunes users out there know how/if I can force it to recalculate the automatic volume thingy on all my songs? You know, that thing it does when you import them so that you don't have to reset the volume because one track was recorded at a higher volume than another? Because I didn't turn that option on until after I'd imported the majority of my songs, so I have to constantly fiddle the volume. I'm guessing, given that it's an Apple product, the answer is "You can't."

Help Desk probably conveys my opinion of Steve Jobs and Apple better than I ever could: massive ego, pure evil hampered only by limited market share, obsession with style over function, and insatiable desire to pointlessly encase things in translucent blue plastic. Apple has also managed to divorce their ad campaigns from their products in a way only jeans and perfume companies have ever achieved.

As of 5:01 p.m. EST today, typing "failure" into Google and clicking "I'm feeling lucky" takes you to the official White House biography of Dubya. I imagine it will be a matter of minutes before Google fixes it, but it's still cool.

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