October 27th, 2005


Dear Nintendo and Konami

What the heck is wrong with you people? It's bad enough that Super Mario DDR is the wrongest game in the history of man, but did you really have to violate my entire worldview by making an actually FUN minigame? Because Whack-a-Goomba is sheer genius. And the flagpole jump... terrible minigame, but the fact that you used the same sound effect for the fireworks as in the original Super Mario Bros. made me want to weep with joy.

So, yeah, Super Mario DDR is good. The pad is way better than the plastic ones for the Playstation: instead of those stupid little feet, the entire underside is made of that bathmat-like material. And it has A and B buttons, so I keep hoping they'll stick the Konami Code in there somewhere. Music is, as always for DDR, absolutely terrible, though I kind of like Underground Mozart in a "this is entertainingly horrible" sort of way.

Standard DDR complaint: Would it be too much to ask that the character's dancing have some connection to what the player is doing?

I also picked up used copies of Zelda: Windwaker and the Zelda Collector's Disc (stupid thing was three times the price of Windwaker, but I've only ever seen it on sale once before, and that was before I bought the Gamecube). I now own every Zelda game except Link's Awakening. Perhaps now I can finally beat Zelda 1. And Majora's Mask. And maybe even play Zelda 2, though I understand I have no hope of ever beating it.

Of course, it's completely stupid of me to be buying all these games a matter of days before NaNoWriMo. I'm racing against time to try to beat Phoenix Wright and Baten Kaitos before the first. However, I do want to lose weight, and I want to do so without changing my eating habits in any way. DDR is an important part of that. And Windwaker was really cheap, and the Collector's Disc hard to find, so I feel justified in purchasing them and letting them collect dust for a couple of months.

New QotITP:
"Maybe we can fix it by dancing! And by we, I mean you."
--Toad, Super Mario DDR
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