October 28th, 2005


Apartment Hunt Resumes and End of Eva

1) Mom and Miranda are officially putting the house up for sale in January. They are planning on having workmen in to fix the depredations of the cats before then, so I'm expected to leave by Jan. 1. This means it's time for me to apartment-hunt once more. I'm going to try to find an apartment I can afford within public transit distance of my job. I am virtually guaranteed to fail, in which case I need to quit and move to some other city. I might anyway, if I can find a job. I always said I was going to.

2) Got End of Eva. Watched the director's commentary. Good stuff in there; I wish to learn more about the theoretical Ritsuko-Kaoru connection they hinted at. And I had honestly never noticed the thing with Asuka's eye color. Too bad they spent most of it being really silly. And the squelching noises they added to some of the sound effects were completely unnecessary.