October 31st, 2005


Pre-NaNoWriMo Update

It begins soon. I seriously doubt I'm going to beat Baten Kaitos tonight -- I only just made it to the Fire Caves -- so I guess I'll try to fit in a little of it here and there during the ensuing month. Tomorrow is not looking like a good day for writing, but I'll try to get something done. Wednesday is looking like a very good day, since I'm working from home, so hopefully I'll be able to get a little ahead, even with the high likelihood that I'll get nothing done Thursday.

Pocky and TWO buffets yesterday, a pair of cookies (neither very good) and a be-cheesed sandwich today... this whole weight-loss thing would be much easier if I weren't, y'know, a fat sack of crap who can't stop eating for five seconds, let alone go on a diet. On the other hand, I at this point am pretty much living solely to see (and, more importantly, taste) what my next meal consists of, so maybe I'm better off not trying too hard.

This has been a good post for disjointed paragraphs, probably because I'm writing it in spurts across several hours, so here's another joint: I'm completely snowed under at work. A month ago, somebody suggested nicknaming me "The Funnel" because every meeting, at least three times, somebody said "Let's funnel that through Jed." The meetings have stopped, praise be to Ghu, but the funnelling continues. I have a to-do list a mile long, and that's just the DVD proofs. There's also the regular flood of EDLs. Plus, last week I started this horrible tedious makework project that thankfully got pushed back because UnitedStreaming was acting all broken. Guess what just started working again?

Finally, anyone who knows where I can find Babylon 5 MP3s will be muchly praised. Unless I'm expected to pay money for them. The fair exchange of money for goods and services is for suckers.

Woke up both yesterday and today feeling as if someone had wallpapered the inside of my mouth, filled my lungs with goo, and cracked a baseball bat over my head while I slept. It's November, all right.
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What Is Wrong With Me?

I can *write* it just fine: Baten Kaitos. See? Just did it. But every time I try to *say* the name of that bloody game, my mouth opens and *things* come out. Horrible, Lovecraftian things. Some of the weirder examples:

"Katen Baitos"
"Kaben Taitos"
And the reigning king, which inspired this post: "Kaboben Taben".

Maybe we can get a sort of wacky roommate thing going: one's Lucca's father, the other's a delicious meat skewer...

Nah. "T and Kofi" is still better: "One's Secretary-General of the U.N. The other's helluva tough. Together they are T and Kofi, PI!" Cyrus wants Cthulhu to be their landlord, but I think he'd be better as the wacky neighbor for our other TV show idea, "Everybody Loves Dr. Spy, Senator-at-Law".
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