November 3rd, 2005



92 words. I suck.

I just spent the last seven hours in the bathroom. I will NEVER drink lemon-lime Gatorade again - that's what I was excreting for the last four.

I can't drink water for the next 12 hours, plus however long the tests take. I'm already thirsty now -- I rarely go more than ten minutes without a drink.

I am so eating steak tomorrow night. And ice cream. Steak and ice cream.
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Suckage Continues

No writing at all, today. I woke up, went to the doctor for tests, went to Outback for steak and ice cream (their steak is O.K. for the price -- mine is much better, but to get a steak better than I can cook costs in the $30-50 range; also, their brownie sundae is really good). Came home, took a nap (I was pretty heavily sedated at the doctor's -- don't remember much from the tests), woke up, ordered a spinach alfredo pizza (mmmm...), stared at Word for an hour, and now I'm going back to bed. It wasn't that my internal editor was blocking me or anything, just that my brain was too foggy.

I have a TON of catching up to do in the next couple of days. Fortunately, except for RP group, Saturday should be a lot of fun.

I am putting here a reminder to myself: post tomorrow about The Mystery and Energy of Sandwiches.
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