November 8th, 2005


Recipe Request

Looks like I'm going to be making stuffing for Thanksgiving this year. I've never done that before. Anybody have a good stuffing recipe? It has to be prepared outside the bird (as the bird will be full of oranges) and contain no shellfish (people are allergic, and anyway, I think they're gross). I'd prefer a fairly traditional stuffing, breadcrumb- or cornbread-based. Bikke, Carol, and Chris, I'm particularly looking at you. ;-P

If it helps, here's how I'm preparing the turkey (same as the last several years):

1) Prep turkey, loosen skin, and rub a small quantity of salt and pepper in under the skin. Place in a roasting pan the usual way (legs sticking up -- I know this is usually less juicy, but the caramelized skin will take care of that).
2) Slice two navel oranges (one for a small turkey) into halves or quarters (whatever fits) and stuff into the cavity, with the flesh facing outwards (so that the oranges are basically inside-out).
3) Pour ginger ale (cheap store-brand works better than name-brand, for some reason) over the turkey, being careful to get everywhere, until the turkey is sitting in about 3/4 inch deep of it.

Roast as per weight of bird. It will turn a sort of glossy brick color -- this is normal, a result of the sugar-soaked skin caramelizing. The top may burn slightly; again, this is normal, and does not adversely effect flavor. If the level of liquid runs low and you must add more, use ginger ale, not water.

I'm also making my famous cornbread soufflé, and truebluejay, if she comes, is going to make mashed potatoes (an art she has mastered to a level that must be tasted to be believed) and her weird-but-tasty cranberry juice concoction (cranberry juice, lemon juice, and ginger ale). I may, if I am feeling particularly feisty, also attempt pie, but I'm not much of a baker, so I may attempt to coerce truebluejay into doing it. We'll probably also have squash or sweet potatoes and a salad of some sort. It's all rather dependent on how many people are coming.
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Not actually as much as I wanted to accomplish in the last two days, but I'm exhausted. Six hours of sleep in three days does that. I figure if I do 2,000 tomorrow and Thursday -- not hard to do if I'm really well-rested and don't waste time playing with D&D's Paragon template to do silly things (like combining it with the Winged template and the kitten stats to create Sluggy's devilspawn kittens) -- I'll be only 5,000 behind on Friday. I'm pretty sure I have Friday off, so that means 3,000 each of the days off and I'll be quite close to catching up. This shouldn't be a problem, really.

Today was the worst yet, allergy-wise. I feel like I have a softball lodged in my sinuses, and my eyes itch. Rain helped a little, by forcing the mold out of the air, but in the long run it means more mold and therefore more spores tomorrow.
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