November 22nd, 2005


Wikipedia Has Failed Me; Also, Thanksgiving

Shocking news: Wikipedia doesn't even have a stub, let alone an article, for Yol Ik Nal/Ix Yol Ik'nal/The Red Queen. Whatever you want to call her. This is the first time it has failed me on a Discovery-related search.

Now then, for Thanksgiving: 4 p.m. on Friday is confirmed. The address is 1212 Summit Rd McLean, phone is 703-821-1393. Don't abuse that, it's my mother's.

Assuming he gets back to me, I will be going to creidieki's Thanksgiving on Thursday. I am still sick, but tomorrow is a half day, so failing all else I can take a nap in the afternoon. My immune system is incredibly powerful if I get enough sleep. Main problem with this flu is that I haven't been.

I am making stock tomorrow. Said stock will be the basis for both the stuffing and the gravy. I make absolutely no guarantees about the gravy: I have one fairly reliable source telling me that gravy from scratch is easy, and another telling me that it's difficult, time-consuming, and easy to screw up horribly. So, we'll see.

I also haven't baked a pie in about 4 years. So that will be interesting, too.
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