November 23rd, 2005


Crazy conspiracy theory time!

This is hilarious.

Tangentially, I remember seeing on the TV news that declassified CIA documents revealed the entire Roswell thing (the crashed something, the guy who claimed to have seen bodies removed, everything) was a hoax to distract attention from nearby experimental aircraft tests. This would have been about four to six months ago. However, I cannot find any confirmation of this on the internets, and you'd think "the CIA faked Roswell" would be all over the place. Did I just dream the news report or something? Anybody else remember seeing this?

I realized today that this horrible "traffic cop" stuff I've been doing at work is likely to take up more and more time as I proceed, and the proofreading/editing side of things less. I need to do something, or I'll end up as a manager. I'm just not sure what, because if I don't do this stuff, they'll have to hire someone else to do it, and I'm worried "You need to hire another person for this" will be met with the reply "Great. They can have your paycheck."
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