November 27th, 2005


Nerd Post!

First, random life note: Thanksgiving came off reasonably well. The gravy and the pie both failed enormously, but I'm going to keep tweaking the pie. Everything else was good -- the cornbread souffle was a big hit, and the turkey and stuffing were generally approved. I need to make Second Thanksgiving an annual tradition, so I can keep having two a year. If I can figure out some way to get four Thanksgivings, for a true Thanksgiving Weekend, I'll do it even if it kills me. I can think of no nobler way to go.

Only other major event to discuss before proceeding to nerd stuff was playing creidieki at DDR Thursday night. He kicked Cyrus' and my collective ass. We both must now live in shame eternally.

D&D Stuff: Had the first session of our epic campaign today. I really like my character, a Rogue 10/Duelist 10. Many thanks to the people who helped me create it (you know who you are). I have an AC of 53 when fighting defensively (54 if wielding my primary weapon, an adamantine ghost touch keen spellstoring parrying rapier +5 named Victoria), and at one point tonight, I got to roll 1d8+5d6+1d6(fire)+1d6(cold)+1d6(electric)+12 damage THREE TIMES. Plus I have a ghost touch merciful sap +2 named Bertha. I *will* find a way to knock a ghost unconscious. Just you wait.

Earlier today, Cyrus was saying that he really doesn't like D&D very much. I said that I agreed with him that BESM is better for pretty much everything other than combat, but that I thought D&D's combat system was extremely well-designed. He disagreed, saying he found it overcomplex. Well, tonight we had a three-hour gaming session that consisted entirely of a single fight. It was the most fun session we've had with this RP group, by far. I think my point is made.

Video Game Stuff: I've been thinking lately about the fact that I don't seem to enjoy games as much as I used to. But I really think that's the games' fault. Of the systems I have, I'm happiest with the Gamecube. For that, I have three good games without glaring flaws (Smash Bros., Eternal Darkness, and Skies of Arcadia). For the PS2 and DS, I really only have one each: Ico and Phoenix Wright. Much as I love Xenosaga, I have to admit that the game has some serious issues. The DS is fairly near the beginning of its life, but the PS2 and Gamecube are near the end. Compare them to, say, the SNES at the end of its life: Chronotrigger, FFIV, FFVI (I'll leave out FFV because I never played that on the SNES), Secret of Mana, Super Metroid, Link to the Past, Yoshi's Island... the list goes on and on. If I sat and thought about it, I could probably come up with a couple of dozen games. Heck, every single one of those games has had at least one sequel in later-generation systems, and none of them have been improvements.

Yes, a lot of games sucked back then (Paladin's Quest, anyone?). But today's best games rarely reach the level of the best games back then, and there used to be a lot more best games. It's really sad that the best FF game in the post-VI world has been the GBA re-release of FF1 and 2, or that Nintendo's half-dozen-odd attempts have yet to surpass Link to the Past. And this isn't just nostalgia talking -- I first played Yoshi's Island two years ago.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that I'm utterly uninterested in the 360. I never heard of a single X-Box-exclusive game that interested me in the slightest, and I've been around consoles too long to care about hardware. The fact that I don't care about the PS3 or the Revolution, however, is kind of depressing. My expectations have been lowered to the point that I will be surprised to see a single good game on either.
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