December 1st, 2005


It is a good day to die...

I've always wondered about that Klingon saying. How is one day better or worse for dying than another? Are there bad days to die? Do Klingon warriors fight with less-than-complete abandon on Thursdays or something? Anyway, it seemed appropriate to today, because nothing can bother me today.

I don't have celiac disease! In fact, I can never get it -- I don't carry the gene! Officially found out I'm lactose intolerant, but who cares? There's over-the-counter pills for that, and no restrictions on how often you can use them! I can go back to eating anything I want!

This makes me sufficiently happy that even coworker-induced exasperation cannot dampen my mood. Today I got a series of e-mails (from Rick in Ops, who apparently has a pretty bad reputation) requesting updated dates for hard copy production. The contents of the e-mails (such as using old titles for things that have been renamed, or accusing us of being late on things that aren't due for another week) made it quite clear that the sender was working from a four-month-old schedule, making it clear that he has never looked at the eleven updated schedules we have since e-mailed him.

Meanwhile, my two-or-three-removed boss (it's increasingly difficult to tell) Ed (nice guy, but awful to work for) keeps sending me questions that (1) he could answer for himself in five seconds by looking at the schedules we keep e-mailing him and (2) are now Elizabeth's job to answer anyway. It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep from being snarky in my responses.

Tonight, I stop at the grocery store on the way home, buy some lactase pills and some Chunky Monkey, and head for home. I'm thinking I buy some spaghetti, sauce shortcuts, and parmesan, too, or if I'm working late enough that I don't want to cook, just stop at Listrani's: they do this wonderful thing where they take a square of meat lasagna and a couple of spoonfuls each of cheese tortellini and spinach ravioli, pour bolognese sauce over the whole thing, and then smother that in mozzarella. Plus they have a really good house dressing for the salad, and free foccaccia. Unfortunately, since they close so early, if I'm working too late I might miss them entirely. That'd suck.
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