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Friday, December 9th, 2005
1:16p - Today was epic
Well, really more the opposite of epic. But it did have this whole "start out sucky then turn awesome" thing going.

So, I wake up this morning to find that the much-hullabaloed snow amounted to a half-inch of the good stuff and piles of slush, punctuated with little ponds. Nonetheless, despite their stated "run normally for anything less than six inches" policy, Metrobus decided to switch to snow emergency routes only today. That meant walking three times farther than normal to find a useable bus stop, and of course I managed to step into a puddle along the way. Then I finally get to the station, and miss the train by seconds. "Big deal," I think, "they run every three minutes." Nope -- some unknown delay means the next train isn't for 15 minutes, and is therefore too full to board. And I have a laptop full of DVD images -- no way am I standing. So I wait for more than 20 minutes for a train that has a free seat.

But my persistance has been rewarded: I'm getting to leave work at 3, after having done all of 2 minutes of work. I missed the Christmas party but got to eat my pick of the food, which is pretty much the ideal outcome for a party. And I've spent most of the day watching "Robotbox and Cactus." Suckers.

current mood: devious

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