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Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
10:49p - Scroogery and Grinchitude
I wanted to post another big rant about my hatred for Christmas, sparked by the carols I had to endure at the grocery store today, but I don't feel up for it. I'll just pose a question: Why is it that hating any other holiday is perfectly acceptable, but hating Christmas means, in the eyes of the population at large, that something's wrong with you? Related question: Why is it that, if you express a dislike for any other holiday, people leave you alone, but if you dislike Christmas, people insist on trying to indoctrinate you with the "Christmas spirit" and insist on continuing to buy you presents, sing at you, etc? Finally and most incomprehensibly, why do they continue to do this even when they know you're not a Christian?

If my office still has that damn hypocritical "holiday tree" up when I come in on the 27th, it is getting "accidentally" tripped over. Possibly also "accidentally" set on fire and thrown out a window, if I can figure out how to get one open. Anyone who asks me how my "holiday" was will be treated similarly.

current mood: pissed off

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