December 15th, 2005


Questions for All You Computer-y People

The volume and mute buttons are getting increasingly finicky on my laptop. The mute button has stopped working entirely, and the volume up button rarely works, though it seems to work better if I press harder. Adjusting the volume and muting work fine through the system tray, but the buttons don't. Is there any way of fixing this short of sending the laptop in for repairs?

Any time I change the volume with the control in the system tray or the one in the control panel, a deafeningly loud beep plays. This beep does not change in volume according to the settings, and does not occur when I use the buttons on the keyboard (but it does happen if I click on the volume control in the system tray then press up or down on the keyboard). How do I make it stop? I currently have the "No Sounds" scheme -- first thing I do on taking control of a computer is stop it from beeping at me.
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