December 19th, 2005


Current Project List/Update

1) Relearning Flash
2) West New South Oldtown
3) Crap Story Alpha
4) DoAD?
5) Role Playing System?

So, yeah. I'm reteaching myself Flash, which I was once borderline competent with but haven't used in well over a year. That's probably the most actively in-progress of the five -- I worked on it this morning.

West New South Oldtown is backburnered until my beta readers get back to me. I want to make sure I'm aimed more or less in the right direction before I proceed.

Crap Story Alpha will never, ever, EVER see the light of day. I include it, however, because I'm writing a few hundred words of it a week. The "Alpha" refers to the fact that I already have an idea for a worthless, crappy sequel.

DoAD is a group effort, and the other two members are otherwise occupied at the moment. When/if they emerge, maybe I'll get the impetus to do some more writing for it.

Finally, the newest -- yet oldest -- project on the list, is building up a full-fledged role-playing system from the modular magic system. This could be a lot of fun, since it's 100% pure world-building. However, it requires negotiating the VERY different tastes of John and myself in role-playing. On the bright side, if we successfully design a game that satisfies us both, it ought to have pretty wide appeal. The new interest in doing this coincides with Guardians of Order's new Magnum Opus imprint. So far as I know, it is the only submission-driven game publisher out there.
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