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Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
8:08a - Random Stuff, Including an Update on cnorgard
cnorgard e-mailed me, he's fine, he's just lost his phone and has computer trouble. So, apparently I'm contagious.

As of 8 a.m. EST, the LHC has not destroyed the world. So I guess I have to go to work. That sucks, because I really don't want to be wearing pants if the world ends.

Had a bizarre dream last night. I was in some sort of a class (with really bizarrely arranged desks, sort of loose clusters but all facing the center of the room), not paying attention and reading the new, much darker Ah! My Goddess manga (which doesn't exist). This got somehow scrambled with another dream in which Jason, Benny, and I had a whipped cream fight, greatly upsetting Kirsten, who was trying to home-school him. Then I got a call from the social worker (pets division) who was investigating the theft of K-9 (whom I had owned since childhood). Apparently a very wealthy man had registered K-9 as his pet, which I had never done since K-9 was, you know, a robot. Legally, I had no proof that K-9 was actually mine, so... At this point I became very upset and shouted that K-9 was my dog, and she promised to do what she could.

Then things got *really* scrambled, to the point that the first volume of the manga ended with Keichi used his newly developed psychic powers to win the trial and get back his dog, K-9, and I was just reading about it. Then I started up Volume II, subtitled "Belldandy Goes to Hell", and the class metamorphosed into a literature class on manga with two teachers, a very strident old lady and a Japanese man that needed an interpreter. We discussed the first two chapters of "Belldandy Goes to Hell", in which she died and encountered the Triple Woman, who, much like Neil Gaiman's version, kept shifting between different cultures' Triple Woman. I wanted to make a point about how odd it was for them to appear, as Belldandy is herself the Norn Verthandi, but there were a lot of hands up. The teacher created a list of the order in which people would get to speak, but she didn't know my name so she came over to introduce herself, tried to steal my pen, and then when I made her give it back tried to steal a blank sheet of paper off my desk, which I made her give back.

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