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Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
2:39a - Well, one of you asked for it, so...
Suffer a politics-free post about my actual life! Bwahahaha!

First, some gushing: starlightv continues to be the awesomest person in the history of awesome. Which is a lot longer than the history of people, if you think about it. She kept nudging me to go to the doctor (see below) and finally helped me get there on Friday, when I hit the point of total collapse. I am completely in love with this woman. I've gotten past the honeymoon phase, I'm perfectly capable of seeing things she does that annoy me, and I don't care. We're still as disgustingly lovey-dovey as ever, and even when I'm annoyed with her I still love her, and it passes quickly.

Speaking of gushing, I have a nasty infection (probably staph) on my jaw. No idea where it came from, one morning I just suddenly had a lump on my jaw that leaked a nasty-smelling yellow liquid when I poked it. This lump soon grew bigger and oblong, and starting regularly leaking a more viscous version of the yellow liquid, which at times was brown. Also, sometimes blood. Last Friday I got suddenly sick as a dog, and Viga helped me to the doctor, who used a word you never want to hear your doctor say: "necrotic". Turns out a good chunk of the infected area was actually dead, and it had crossed the line over into "abscess". I have to get some lab work done tomorrow, and I need to contact a surgeon to drain the thing, but in the meantime I'm on heavy antibiotics and doing fairly well -- no more fever or vomiting, and the lump has gotten a little smaller and isn't oozing as often.

Work isn't so great. I got reprimanded for missing time again as a consequence of the infection and the awful bout of flu that preceded it. I then got reprimanded a few days later for spending too much time on the Internet at work. I think it's kind of silly that I'm getting in trouble for these things, because they always say they're satisfied with the work I'm doing. If my work is good enough, what difference does it make whether I'm there a certain number of hours or I'm spending a lot of time goofing off? What needs to get done is getting done! However, my therapist says (well, not really, but she very heavily implies) this is a childish attitude to take, and when I called Viga to bitch, she very diplomatically agreed, so I guess I'm probably going to lose on this one.

So, yeah, that's life of late. How're all of you?

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