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Monday, September 29th, 2008
3:33p - I meant to post this Friday, but I was too tired.
48 new and modified web pages, including...

Over 60 (typed, 11-point, single-spaced, standard-margin 8.5x11) pages of entirely new content, most of it written and all of it proofed, edited, and formatted by yours truly (and did I mention said formatting involved lots of numbered and bulleted lists, mixed and nested as much as four deep, or that using tables for formatting violates handicapped accessibility rules?)...

142 new unique links (linking to the same place twice is very easy in AuthorIT, it’s the first time that takes effort)…

14 new external documents comprising lots more pages, including a pair of monster spreadsheets to the tune of 26 megs... each...

12 new glossary terms written by guess who, on a subject about which I knew nothing going into this…

The project of doom is DONE. It is published, it is finished, it is complete.


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