Froborr d'Wiggy (froborr) wrote,
Froborr d'Wiggy

The slow rebuilding begins...

Cable has been fixed and computer is now functional, though I still need to do a LOT of work rebuilding it. All I've really done so far is switched control of the wireless adaptor away from Intel's stupid program and back to the OS, purged McAfee Antivirus with a vengeance, installed ZoneAlarm, scanned for viruses and spyware (2 spyware gained in the time it took to download and install ZoneAlarm), and installed and configured Thunderbird. I still need to install Firefox, iTunes, Trillian, and BitComet.

They did allow me to keep my old drive, so hopefully I can find a data recovery service and salvage some of my document files and MP3s, but I'm not holding out much hope.

Now that I have Thunderbird, I can access my e-mail again. I've got everything that was sent to me while the computer was down, but once again, if you have anything I wrote sitting around, please send it to me.
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