Froborr d'Wiggy (froborr) wrote,
Froborr d'Wiggy

*sobs* I'm going to have to violate one of the most fundamental rules of my universe...

And work tomorrow. Saturday.

I just can't focus at all. I haven't gotten anything done in hours, and the Project of Doom is due... well, technically today, but that really means "Before Monday."


I just have too much philosophy running around in my brain, trying to get out, to write about Plan Asset Audit Plans.

Yes, part of the Project of Doom deals with creating and maintaining Plan Asset Audit Plans. I proposed calling them Plan Asset Audit Plans for the Auditing of Plan Assets by Auditors of Plans, but everybody thought I was joking.


Also, I figured out why I haven't been writing. I'm afraid to. More on this in a later post.
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