Froborr d'Wiggy (froborr) wrote,
Froborr d'Wiggy

Quick thought on my lunch break...

Thanks to Bob Altemeyer's excellent The Authoritarians, I now know that sociologists believe they have found a strong correlation between scoring highly on both of two quantifiable personality measures (right-wing* authoritarian follower traits and social dominance orientation) and being a power-hungry, unscrupulous, domineering bastard.

Political candidates should be given tests to detect authoritarian follower traits and level of social dominance orientation. The results should be published. No screening or anything, we don't want to start discriminating against personality types. But...

...the following ad should be all over the country during elections:

"We all want leaders we can trust. That's why we look at more than just what the candidates say: we look at their lives, their records, and their finances, so we know whether we can trust what they say.

"Well... researchers have found that people who test highly in social dominance and authoritarianism are more likely to seek power, more likely to lie to their constituents, and more likely to abuse their position. Some of history's worst tragedies have been caused by people who, researchers believe, were authoritarian social dominators.

"Shouldn't you find out where your candidates stand?"

*This has very little to do with the traditional American right-left distinction. Rather, it's to do with the way power and authority are constructed, so that Hitler (who would be way, way out on the extreme right of the American system) and Stalin (who would be way, way out on the extreme left of the American system) are both considered "right-wing" authoritarians.
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