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Royally Fucked


Had a terrible headache all day, which finally broke about an hour into RP group. RP looked like it was going to end early, but then somebody had the bright idea of suggesting we abandon the current D&D campaign in favor of one where we all start at level 20. Enthusiasm for that led to a good couple of hours of discussion. Unless I get a better idea, I'm going to play a Bard 3/Druid 7/Mystic Thaumiurge (sp?) 10. Basically, a Red Mage. It's that, or just create a 20th level version of Xirzac, and frankly, her humor potential is running low. One of the other guys in the group is talking about playing a 20th level Xirzaxian Paladin (replace all references to "good" with "fire" and "evil" with "water"), which ought to be pretty amusing.

Anyway, yeah, I am now completely hosed with regards to NaNo. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. If I don't get at least 2,000 words, I'm probably going to quit.
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