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Thanksgiving Invite/Question

First, on experimenting with a lactose-free diet: Pastrami sandwiches are actually BETTER without cheese. This is a momentous discovery.

Now, on to more important matters: It appears that it will be just truebluejay and I for Thanksgiving. Anyone in the area interested in coming? Alternatively, if anyone other than me is crazy enough to be interested in Thanksgiving dinner twice in a row, would anybody be interested in coming on Friday? We'd be willing to have it then if it meant people coming.

And if we do have it Friday... "Oh woe is me! I will have no turkey dinner on Thanksgiving! Is there someone out there kind enough to open their home to a lost soul such as I?" As I said, crazy enough to want Thanksgiving dinner twice in a row. ;-P

A note: I have been making turkey for years, and am pretty good at it. This will be my first time trying stuffing, however. And my family doesn't really put gravy on things, so I'm only making that if someone specifically requests it -- and, again, it will be my first time making it. And if you want cranberry sauce, you'll have to bring it yourself -- the stuff is vile, and I have a rule against cooking things I don't like.

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